Student Snap Shot: Stanley Levitsky

Stanley Levitsky is an Intermedia student whose body of work has grown substantially over the past two years. His work often delves into different mediums, creating an eclectic but stylized oeuvre.  With a background in graphic design, Levitsky has worked  as sculptor, photographer, and videographer. But his more recent work has lead him into the territory of sound and music.

Currently taking the Intermedia course Experimental Instrument Building, taught by Nate Aldrich and Luciano Chessa, Levitsky is learning how to build the experimental music devices known as the Intonarumori. Building multiple prototypes of the instruments, Levitsky and his teachers hope to recreate the enigmatic design found within each device.


Rear view of prototype for experimental instrument


Front view of prototype for experimental instrument


In addition to building the instruments, Levitsky will have the added opportunity to work with Chessa and his personal set of Intonarumori, which is housed at the IMRC Center. This is a remarkable opportunity for both Levitsky, and the Intermedia student body, to work with one of the leading experts in the field of experimental music.

The Intermedia community looks forward to seeing their progress and the finalized designs!

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