Two MFA candidates discuss creative practices at University of Maine Museum of Art

On Wednesday, April 26th at 1 p.m., University of Maine Intermedia MFA students Alicia Champlin and Eleanor Kipping will present their work at the UMMA in Bangor at 1 pm. Audiences are welcome to bring lunch and admission is free. 

Alicia Champlin, performing “MOTIVE” Photo credit: Destin Black

Eleanor Kipping, “Felicia With the Good Hair” (cropped) 2016

Alicia Champlin will discuss her recent performance installation, “MOTIVE,” in the context of a research-based experimental practice. The performance, which took place in December 2016, was intended to spark questions about the relationships between media and maker, between language and listener, and between truth and metaphor. Instead, like many experiments, the work led to some unexpected outcomes, but rather than discounting the effort as a failure, Alicia will share some of the resulting insights that continue to move her practice forward into the unknown.  

Eleanor Kipping is a second year MFA student. Her work explores the contemporary black female experience as ‘other’ in America in light of identity, hair politics, colorism and racial passing. She draws heavily on popular culture, and personal, historical and political narratives to drive her investigations. In her talk Coming of Race, Eleanor will share her experiences as a mixed-race female growing up in the predominantly Caucasian state of Maine. While sharing how she has come to terms with her own identity as a black and white woman, she will discuss how her creative practice and use of photography, video, performance, and installation is used as a way to continue her own explorations as well as educate and facilitate discussion surrounding topics of identity.

The Intermedia MFA program is a creative studio-centered degree on the hybrid nature of contemporary art. The MFA focuses on the intersection of creative practice arts with other disciplines and areas of interest, technology, and social praxis to model a new direction and approach to teaching and learning in the creative fields. To learn more please visit  

Images from Alicia Champlin’s Performance “I am Sitting” at Black Mountain College {Re}Happening 2017, Photo credit: Amy Olivia Pierce


Images from Eleanor Kipping’s Artist Talk and Portrait of Artist in her Installation “Brown Paper Bag Test” 2017, Photo credit: Amy Olivia Pierce

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