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Carol Ayoob

Northern Maine is home to Carol Ayoob, where she has been satisfied to create “life-art” on her land and in her community.  Carol has been songwritiing, performing, teaching, and running an ‘arts’ business for years.  She came to the Intermedia MFA Program to deepen and broaden her sense of what art can be in a changing world.

Carol creates collaborative sound and movement pieces, and her upcoming projects will include developing an eco-art praxis with members of her community, near the Presque Isle Stream, in Presque Isle, where she runs a Music in the Park Concert Series in the summer.  Being an artist is a life-long commitment and does not always mean that one has to fit into a ‘scene’, to create an artistic life.  She enjoys having other artists visit to do workshops, perform, and share food and music on her land.  Asking good questions and following her instincts to the answers brought her to the Intermedia Program, and will continue to guide her work the rest of the way.

SPOKE - Installation Photo