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Gabriella Ditalia

I work to find ways of exploring and showing the things I know, but can’t explain. Labor-intensive processes give embodiment to thoughts and actions, to time.  Transparency of construction gives access to that body, acting as an index. The exploration of material activity through time functions as a kind of algorithm expressing the optimism of infinite potential in ceaseless change.


In 2009’s Material Index: In Consideration of Counting, In Memory of Necessary Ommissions, I use all of a set quantity of fabric, pieced and hand stitched in a regular hash mark system, which, over the body of the 88” x 88” piece, degenerates as I integrate all cut remains and odd pieces left after the regular cutting.


In 2009’s Silent White Dinner (120 minutes) event, I co-created an all white feast from which I produced a set of ten digital prints deriving a mean color from each white course.  I am in the process of using these swatches and prints to derive new works.