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Deeply rooted in the constructs of psychological marketing, Rick Corey twists his talents from the corporate world into his art. He pushes the boundaries between reality and fiction and find an emotional connection with his audience. Often he seeks creative limitation in order to explore the edges. He finds comfort in parameters and believes true creativity comes from problem solving. Rick’s work is never limited to one material or platform, he seeks to explore all forms of art creation. Do not expect social commentary or deep philosophical intention in his work. It’s about the moment and experience.

Rick Corey

Today his work is split between future collaborative endeavors and creation of his fictitious realities. He often retreats to a created world and creates scenarios unbelievable but plausible. The work always keeps track of the psychological experience that the audience endures. There is an expectation that Rick’s work will “mess with you” in some way, and that trepidation is what he thrives on.

The Art

“Stairdivarius” a piece that sought to repurpose the space within a 3 story spiral staircase. The results were a harmonic space in which passerby could strum, pluck, and bang out different notes and noises. Made of Steel wire tightened between wooden supports on each side. The entire staircase could be tuned and played.