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My name is Ryan Guerrero, a graduate student of the M.F.A Intermedia at the University of Maine and with a B.A. in Studio Arts. I am from New York and my forms of mediums are airbrushing and aerosol paint. I have done murals all over the University of Maine campus, painting murals in the dorms for the game rooms, signs, banners, and designing shirts for clients.

I enjoy creating graphics/illustrations and new designs digitally for pieces.

I am vey interested in graffiti and its effect on people. I explore the various perspectives dealing with graffiti. Working with graffiti began as an interest of that lead to a passion and has been a great influence in my life. The way I work is usually a freestyle method. Many of creative expressions come from dreams, from watching television, and even from nature itself. In addition to creating graffiti, I run an airbrushing business. Many of the pieces that I have made deal with experiences in my life or just ideas that I wanted to create and see what people thought. The responses that I receive from the viewers, whether positive or negative is something that I see as an accomplishment.

This piece “Untitled” was from a sketch that I made previously just from watching television and listening to some music. It turned out to be an abstract freestyle piece that I would just continuously add to. Then would form this crazy abstract piece that had an organic feel to it and worked into the environment of the wall.