Sarahlou Cottrell 2017-12-01T22:55:59+00:00

I am interested in following the connective themes of fear and survival in American politics and culture found in the eras that brought us the development and rise of the atomic age and the Cold War that followed, and the rise of terrorism and post 9/11 policies and attitudes.  In my work and research I often use humor as a tool to level the common ground of understanding so to encourage the expression of provocative opinions, ideas, and shared experiences on what is undoubtedly a deeply personal and emotional subject matter.

Often drawing from the lineage of Fluxus and DADA, the works that I create take shape through inexpensive materials, multiples, writing and performance.  The most recent body of work has been the Doomsday Project, which is a series of survival kits and doomsday devices created for everyday experiences.  The kits and devices operate in the same manner as the basic mechanics of a joke; that is, they set up an expectation, the expectation is broken and in the difference exists the chance to laugh.  Through laughter comes the opportunity for reflection and conversing.