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Owen F. Smith

 Owen Smith

Director, Intermedia Program

Dr. Owen F. Smith is the Director of the Intermedia MFA Program at the University of Maine. He is also the  Alston D. and Ada Lee Correll Chair in New Media in the Department of New Media and the Director of the IMRC Center. He received his BA in Art History and Russian Studies, his MA in Anthropology and his PhD in Art History from the University of Washington in Seattle. He is a specialist in Modern and Contemporary art, particularly what he calls Alternative Art Forms. He has lectured widely in the US and Europe on art in the 20th Century. His seminal book on the history of fluxus, Fluxus: a History of an Attitude, was published by San Diego State University Press.

Owen Smith is also a practicing artist who works in digital art and new media forms and has exhibited his work in over 80 national and international exhibitions over the last ten years. Some of his net art works can be seen online at:

Gene A. Felice II

Assistant Professor of Intermedia & New Media

Gene A. Felice II bridges his creative practice across art, science, education and design, developing a sustainable network of innovation, living systems, and emerging technologies. His hybrid practice grows at the intersection of nature and technology, developing coactive systems as arts science research. His interactive work uses input sources from bio and eco sensors, cameras, touch screens and online data sources, feeding output from motors, LED’s, video projectors, speakers and more. These interdependent systems of hardware and software translate research through conceptual frameworks into interactive, multi-sensory puzzles. Recent work explores both passive and active modes of interaction, providing multiple ways for the audience to engage with the work. Video and animated imagery displayed via projection mapping, transform two dimensional surfaces and architectural structures into three dimensional storytelling systems. Throughout his production process, emerging technologies such as 3D printing, laser cutting & CNC milling hybridize with older methods such as wood fabrication, lost wax bronze casting, ceramics, glass casting and more. While keeping site specific histories in mind, he achieves confluence by merging these varied passions into a system of creative collaboration.

Felice is an assistant professor within the Intermedia & New Media programs at the University of Maine where he is developing his Coaction Lab for interdisciplinary collaboration. His work has been featured nationally at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, internationally at Sussex University in the UK and most recently at ISEA Hong Kong.

portfolio website:

lab website:

Susan Smith

Susan Smith is an activist artist working in socially engaged projects focused on issues of dispossession and displacement. Smith is a member of the graduate faculty in the Intermedia MFA program at the University of Maine, the coordinator for Lord hall Gallery, and currently pursuing an interdisciplinary doctoral degree researching socially engaged art, activism, and critical theory. Susan holds an MFA in Intermedia from the university, as well as a BFA in Studio Art from the University of Maine and the University of Texas, Austin. Smith is currently coordinating a series of collaborations under the  #uprootedcollective framework, focusing on our issues of class, labor and the refugee experience, and the power of collective voice, with initial performance events in Washington DC and Queens, NY, working with a mobile unit as a space for collaborative socially engaged art. Smith also works as an independent curator, coordinating group exhibitions across Maine. Personal practice focuses on unconventional materials sourced from the landscape around us to address environmental issues, and to speak to a balance of technology and sustainable practices. With a background in landscape design, Smith also practices guerilla gardening, and believes planting is a form of protest.

N.B. Aldrich

Nate Aldrich

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Intermedia

N.B.Aldrich is a new media artist and educator residing in Penobscot, Maine, USA, who creates installation, video, performance and acousmatic art. Prior to earning an MFA in Electronic Music composition, he spent ten years as a theatre director and artistic director. Working as a sound designer and composer for theatre and dance performances over the past twenty five years, he has challenged the traditional complementary role of audio as a design element by constructing large-scale works that operate as thematic partners with text and/or movement.

The current work is largely rooted in speculation about observed systems of organization, whether biological, physical, sociological or cognitive. This speculation provides a platform from which to question how the world works and conceive, if not an answer, at least a model for understanding; a chance to contemplate how some of the logic of the Information Age plays out. He has shown work internationally at such venues as Artists Space, the Casoria Contemporary Art Museum, the Festival de Arte Sonore, the Singapore National Museum, Dance Theatre Workshop and the Hipersonica Festival, among many others.

He has taught Music, Sound Design, Electronic Music, Electronic Art & Media History and Installation Art courses at Bennington College, Rockport College and the University of New Hampshire and is currently on the faculty of the New Media Department and the Intermedia MFA Program at the University of Maine at Orono. He has written about Sound Art and sound artists such as Chris Mann, Stephen Vitiello,Alvin Lucier and Annea Lockwood.

For more information visit his website.

Amy Stacey Curtis

Amy Stacey Curtis

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Intermedia
Amy Stacey Curtis, from Lyman, Maine, is the Maine Arts Commission’s 2005 Individual Artist Fellow For Visual Art and the recipient of five Good Idea Grants. In 1998, Curtis began an 18-year commitment to art-making, a project which would culminate through 9 solo-biennial exhibits from the year 2000 to the year 2016. In the end, Curtis will have installed 81 large-in-scope, interactive installation and new-media works in the vast mills of 8 or 9 Maine, USA towns. Each solo-biennial exhibit is a 22-month process, each exhibit exploring a different theme while requiring audience to perpetuate its multiple installations. Curtis has committed to this work to convey that we are a part of a whole, that everyone and everything is connected and affects.

Curtis also exhibits internationally and generates drawings, often to support her installations. Some other locations Curtis has installed interactive works: Colby College Museum of Art, in Waterville, Maine, Grothaus & Pearl in Kansas City, Woman Made Gallery in Chicago, Forest Hills Educational Trust in Boston, Video In Studios in Vancouver, Revolving Museum in Lowell, Massachusetts, Art Interactive in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Shore Institute of Contemporary Art in Long Branch, New Jersey, and in Toshei Village, Taiwan.

Curtis received her BA in Studio Art from the University of Maine and her MA in Art and Psychology from Vermont College.

Sheridan Kelly


Adjunct Assistant Professor of Intermedia

Sheridan Kelley currently works as a media and video production professional with Knife Edge Productions, LLC, and teaches at the University of Maine in the departments of New Media, Art and Intermedia. Sheridan graduated from Bowdoin College with a Bachelor’s degree in European History and a minor in Studio Art.  She worked for the Polaroid Corporation as an Electronic Imaging Specialist before enrolling at the Savannah College of Art & Design, where she earned a Masters of Fine Arts degree in Painting.  She co-founded Knife Edge Productions LLC, a production company that specializes in video and design work, and she continues to work as co-principal of the company.  She has produced presentations, media content and videos for local, national and international projects and has worked with hundreds of clients and organizations through her entrepreneurial efforts.  Her creative work includes video installations, animations, and documentary film.