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The Masters of Fine Arts in Intermedia at the University of Maine provides substantial advanced study for individuals interested in interdisciplinary study in the arts. The program emphasizes intensive development of students’ creative and innovative abilities through a diverse engagement with multiple research processes, critical thinking skills and creative production tools and technologies.

Intermedia Diagram


The Faculty in Intermedia is drawn from a wide variety of disciplines including Art, New Media, Theater, Dance, Philosophy, Art History, Engineering, Communications, Media Studies, Music, Psychology, Natural Sciences, and others. Students come from many disciplinary backgrounds but are united by their interest in exploring the potentials of creative work in the 21st century.

The Intermedia MFA Program is a relatively new graduate program at the University of Maine. It was begun by several faculty in 2003 as an experimental interdisciplinary program focused on new forms of creative production. Between 2003 and 2008 the program went through five years of experimentation, development and academic reviews and in 2009 was approved by the Board of Trustees for the University of Maine System as a full degree granting program. The program accepted its first full cadre of students in 2009. During this period the program has been met with considerable interest and positive response by both faculty and students. There currently are 32 MFA students and 5 PhD students (working on individualized doctorates in combination with the Intermedia and the New Media Department) in the program.


Image from Convey, a musical & multimedia performance led by Carol Ayoob