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Artist Statement
Over the past three years I have focused my artistic work on regenerative design, sacred space, and liminal aesthetics—environments and activities that support physiological, psychological, spiritual, and community well-being. This has included hand-held meditation tiles and finger labyrinths, walkable labyrinth installations, sacred circle dance, drumming, and permaculture gardens. During this time, geometric and biomorphic explorations of labyrinth and mandala forms, archetypal symbolism, sacred geometry, permaculture design, frame drumming, and collaborative creativity have been of particular interest. I am fascinated by the interplay among the more obvious, practical aspects of labyrinth design, the more subtle, esoteric elements of sacred geometry and intention, and the impact and potential of sacred space. Both creating and engaging liminal spaces can provide opportunities for relaxation, meditation, creative flow, intuitive play, spiritual experience, community building, and fulfillment of the human yearning for meaning and belonging.

Yadina Clark is an intermedia artist creating liminal aesthetic environments, regenerative landscapes, and community-building opportunities, especially through temporary and permanent labyrinth installations and permaculture design and implementation. She is also an accomplished musician, composer, and educator, and in recent years has focused on the intersections of drumming, community, and spirituality. She has an interdisciplinary undergraduate degree encompassing music theory, composition, and performance, social and environmental psychology, peace studies, and permaculture. In 2012, she proposed and co-founded Terrell House Permaculture Living & Learning Center, the first on-campus permaculture site at the University of Maine. This project has been featured in multiple publications including Urban Farm Magazine. Clark has served as a Terrell House Resident Steward while completing her MFA in Intermedia at the University of Maine.

Rediscovered Love, 2009