Alicia Champlin

Eleanor Kipping


Sierra Meservey


James Winters


With a Bachelor’s Degree completed in 2014, Jim is currently started his graduate education at IMRC with two concentrations so far: Musique Concrète which is composing using acoustic sounds, recorded and then rearranged into musical pieces and experimental film Structuralism a style going back to the 1960s. His eventual the goal so far is to combine short films with composed, experimental music. He is influenced by the approaches of: John Cage,  Pauline Oliveros, trombonist Stuart Dempster, and Luc Ferrari. Previously he did his own study of the approach of musicologist Alan Lomax. Jim has worked as a tenor trombonist in blues, television, cruise ships, jazz, and fill-in work ranging from Ringling Bros. Circus to the Bangor Symphony.

Wade Warman


Wade Warman, has a background in film and video production as well as electromechanical technology. His area of focus is in automata and semi-kinetic electromechanic sculpture and is a technician in IMRC’s fabrication laboratory.