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Jessica Moulton

On August 24, 2009 I experienced a life-changing event; I became homeless. Over the next month I experienced moments of frustration and I found it difficult to find a way to respond to what I was experiencing. That changed when I lucked out and found a place to live. I now know the way for me to respond to my experiences is through my work. I know that my family is not the only family in Maine to go through this. I worked on an installation that was autobiographical and centered on the idea of “the brink of madness.”

I am currently working on a series of figure drawings that are self-portraits and are alternative ways of viewing myself. I am also working on developing a large-scale project in which I will work with homeless people to help them make quilts that are functional and tell their personal history of homelessness.

Artist’s Bio:

Jessica Moulton is an artist and a teacher. Jessica is currently enrolled at the University of Maine in the MFA Intermediary Program. In 2007 she earned two Bachelors degrees at the University of Maine. Jessica is originally from Kittery, Maine. Currently Jessica resides in Orono, Maine with her partner Joe and her children; Kacey and Chloe.