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Julie Riley is a 1st year MFA Student in the Intermedia Program at the University of Maine. In the past she has explored and studied a wide array of different media as well as approaches for maximizing the expression of her ideas through her work. She feels it is always important to take the time necessary to experiment and perfect her skills and understanding before moving on to new challenges and areas of interest.

Her current area of interest and the focus of her work lies in visualizing and interpreting silent communication. She is, in particular, focusing on creating a body of work on hands and gestures using a variety of mediums, but particularly painting and photography.

In general  her interests span a broad spectrum from communication, games and gaming, technology (both new and old), techniques of learning and education, specifically those enable by distance technologies, and most everything involving interdisciplinary studies. She is constantly seeking ways to enhance her own skills and find new goals and challenging ambitions.