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Peg Killian is a writer, scriptwriter and multimedia artist. Her work explores the concepts of isolation, mythology, duality and dreams.

Peg Killian was born in Ladysmith, Wisconsin. She earned a BA in Art at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, concentrating on painting. She then focused on creative writing, earning an MA in English with a creative writing emphasis from the University of Maine, where she wrote her first full-length novel, a dark fantasy epic, Bloodlines. With a desire to take her writing in a more visual direction, she moved to England for a year to complete an MA in Scriptwriting, where she wrote a theatre play (Grace), a sitcom (Code) and a full-length feature film drama (In Her Skin). She is currently in her third year in the University of Maine’s Intermedia MFA program, where her play Grace has recently been performed as part of the University of Maine School of Performing Arts’ Readers’ Theatre Series. In addition to writing, Killian’s work includes painting and multimedia installation.  Her work has been included in the University of Maine IMFA exhibitions “Converging Paths” (2011), “An Evening with Professor Enki” (2010) and “Class Action” (2009), as well as the Creative Materials Group dinner theatre “Dual Site” (2009).

Constellation Dolls, 'Dual Site' 2009



Dead Celebrities at Class Action, Dec 2009

Sound clip from a chapter of Peg’s novel Bloodlines. The chapter is titled ‘Dissipation’ and is read by Heather Jarvis: