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PieterPieter Tryzelaar is a classically trained chef with an emphasis in French, Italian and Mediterranean cuisines. He began his culinary career at age 17 and has worked his way up the ranks in numerous restaurants in the Southern Maine area. After attending culinary school, Pieter has steadily worked as both a private chef and caterer, with a focus on creating a healthy, rustic, home-style cuisine that utilizes local and farm fresh ingredients. Pieter has also earned undergraduate degrees for fine arts, video production and performance. As a graduate student at the University of Maine, Pieter is pursuing both M.F.A. and M.Ed. degrees, combining his passion for cooking with multi-media production and instructional design in a way that attempts to address critical issues in the world today.

An example of Pieter’s work can be seen at www.cardiac-risk-assessment.com, which is a collaborative web site Pieter helped launch, aimed at fighting cardiovascular disease. In addition to assisting with ongoing development of the web site, Pieter is also in charge of maintaining the food blog and creating heart healthy recipes. Future projects include creating an interactive e-cook book, which will consist of recipes and instructional cooking videos. Several of Pieter’s instructional videos can be found by searching for “Cooking With Piet” on youtube.