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Sean grew up in a small town in Texas.   Growing up there he saw the reality of how people are shaped by small town cultural attitudes.  He saw how poorly designed disciplinary systems, like school, do more damage to a persons self esteem than to actually boost education.  His teachers thought he was retarded because he couldn’t learn they way they wanted him to, diagnosing him with ADHD and Dyslexia.  This was not quite true.

Boardwalk Photo Attraction 1

Boardwalk Photo Attraction 1:  The first work done by Sean after his release from prison. It places the audience in an ironic situation. Identifying themselves in those situations, and hopefully asking questions about the nature of what prisons do to correct the individual or the society at large.

Sean graduated the University of Maine in 2003 with a Bachelors of Arts in Studio Art focusing in public sculpture.   He then made the biggest mistake in his life.  He chose to drink while under the influence of a prescribed medication and subsequently made the poor decision to drive, causing a car accident.  This one action destroyed more lives and dreams than anyone would ever imagine.  He then spent 5 years in prison for something he never meant to do.

Rioteer Becoming Girl

Rioteer Becoming Girl: Based on the Deleuze Guattari’s “A Thousand Plateaus,” the idea of ‘becoming’ is an understanding of ‘relational aesthetics.’  In the book Soldier Becoming Woman a soldier starts to feel empathy for others, taking on traits that are normally used to describe the empathic strength of women.

Sean is currently studying at the University of Maine’s Intermedial Arts program.  He aims to use Intermedial art to affect the perception of the general public as to how prisons work and what their actual effect is.  It seems to be a system that purports to correct or re-educate citizens and then reintroduce them into the world to hopefully be productive.  How ever that is not quite true…  Is it?  He is also questioning our understanding of intelligence.  Is there only one kind of intelligence or are there many.  Is there only one right way to learn, or many?  How can we re-structure our educational systems to accommodate children with bright and diverse minds.  How can we keep them from losing belief in their vision and build their esteem?

Boardwalk Photo Attraction 2

Boardwalk Photo Attraction 2