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William Giordano generates sound, and public works that are infused with his experience as a farmer, a composer, a designer and a musician. He co-founded backyard/farmyard, a collective of growers, cooks, artists, and designers focused on developing edible public landscapes and food celebrations. He is about to present Spiral Music (with co-composer Ryan Page) a celebratory place-based orchestral work, exploring sound and ecology through natural patterns and the fibonacci sequence.

Giordano currently lives and works at Tinder Hearth Bakery and Valley of the Stars Farm in Brooksville, ME where he is developing a farm design business, environmental art works, baking wood-fired bread, producing experimental geographic scores and electroacoustic music.
Teamwork #1
Teamwork #1, is a garden polyculture of a dipper gourd plant, climbing a large apple tree for better sun and fruit support. This temporary work was developed as part of a series of  works created by the Backyard/Farmyard Collective (B/F). Since 2008 B/F has been developing edible polycultures (mutually supportive plant groupings) that allow food plants to be grown to a succesful end that would not have been possible for individual plants.