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Graduate Assistantships, Scholarships and Financial Aid

The MFA in Intermedia awards over 240,000 dollars in support to Intermedia MFA students each year. The Program has several Graduate Assistantships available each year. These include both Teaching Assistantships and Research Assistantships. These are awarded to MFA students only. Awards are given based on the quality of the applicant’s portfolio and departmental needs. Graduate Assistants are obligated for up to 20 hours a week to assist faculty or to teach a class with faculty supervision. Under normal circumstances Graduate Assistantships are awarded for a maximum of two years.

Since assistantships are based primarily on ability as opposed to need, you do not need to send financial statements. Students awarded assistantships will be assigned a particular job by the program head. Additionally, there are many assistantships in multiple departments and offices around campus and information about some of these can be found here or listed on the Association of Graduate Students office. As part of the assistantships of all students are variable awards (minimum of $12,500 a year), 18 credits a year of tuition waiver (the program has a full time requirement of 9 credits per semester), half of health insurance costs.

In addition to RAs and TAs the Intermedia MFA Program has up to 10 Tuition Scholarships for selected Intermedia MFA students. These awards cover the full cost of tuition for 18 credits for the year. These scholarships are given based on the quality of the applicant’s portfolio, departmental needs, and student needs. Scholarship recipients are obligated for up to 15 hours a week to assist with program work and/or to work in the IMRC Center in a variety of capacities.

For more information on Graduate stipends please contact the Program Director, Dr. Owen F. Smith. For other non-program based graduate financial aid (other GAs, graduate work-study and general financial aid), please contact the Financial Aid Office (207-581-1324) or visit their web site here for complete information on financial aid and student loan opportunities.