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To make a proper judgment as to the amount and types of assistance each student can receive, students are required to apply for financial aid. The University of Maine requires only one financial aid application: the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)Priority consideration is given to the earliest complete applications for financial aid, especially for any Federal Work-Study or Federal Perkins Loan. Applications will be accepted by the Federal processing center no earlier than January 1 prior to the Fall semester for which the student wishes to receive financial assistance. After applying, the student will receive a Student Aid Report (SAR) from the Federal processing center.  As long as the University of Maine is listed on the SAR in the school section, the Student Financial Aid Office will receive the application data at approximately the same time. The application will be reviewed and the student will be notified if any additional documentation (such as tax returns, verification forms, or other information) is required.

Once the student’s file is considered complete, an Award Letter will be mailed to the student, as notification of financial aid eligibility. The student accepts (or rejects) each type of aid offered, and follows all instructions included with the Award Letter to ensure continued processing and disbursement of funds to the student’s account at the University of Maine Bursar’s Office.

For more information on the process, access to forms and additional information on financial aid, visit the University of Maine Graduate
School financial aid web page here.

Other Sources of Funding


Scholarships are available from the Intermedia MFA Program, as well as from the Graduate School or from outside scholarship agencies, to which the student applies directly; The Intermedia MFA has two named scholarships that are give to students each year, these are the Dick Higgins Scholarship and the Anna Mendieta Scholarship. Each award, given by the faculty to recognize excellence and dedication to one’s academic and personal endeavors, amounts to tuition coverage for 18 credits and a stipend for materials of 300.00 per month. Generally these awards are given to students in their final year in the MFA. The Intermedia MFA Program also has up to 10 Tuition Scholarships for selected Intermedia MFA students. These awards cover the full cost of tuition for 18 credits for the year. There are additional Intermedia scholarships of up to 1000 per year given out to students to help cover the cost of materials, fees and travel costs for exhibitions, seminars, conferences and other professional events. These smaller scholarships are based on application and awarded twice a year (up to 500 per each application cycle).

Graduate / Teaching Assistantship Waivers: 

Waivers are awarded by the IMFA program as well as other offices and departments on campus and reported to the Student Financial Aid Office. These assistance programs are usually offered to full-time graduate students in return for the student’s efforts in research and/or teaching while working on a graduate degree (contact the Graduate School and/or academic department for more information). The Intermedia MFA has a number of both full-time and part time RA and TA positions that are awarded to students each year based on an application process. An open call is sent out to all Intermedia students, both those enrolled and those entering the following year, listing all positions and requesting applications. Awards are given for each year based on the student’s qualifications for the duties of the position, academic standing and financial need. For more information on the RA and TA positions see the RA/TA page.

Payment Plan: 

Payment plans gives students the option of making periodic payments of part or all of the amount due to the University of Maine (for more information and/or an enrollment form, contact the University of Maine Bursar’s Office at 581-1521).

Credit-Based Loan Programs:

These loans are available through various lending institutions throughout the United States, such as the Maine Loan offered by the Maine Education Loan Authority (contact 1-800-922-6352).

The general Financial Aid web page is at:

Project Funding:

A good source of project funding for graduate students is the GSG (Graduate Student Government) which is the governing body for all graduate students at the University of Maine. The GSG offers a number of services, including grants for travel to present, degree related expenses, funding for graduate student clubs, social evenings, and laptops for loan.

External Grants and Funding Opportunities

In addition to those opportunities for graduates support through the University of Maine there are many fellowships and awards that can help in funding your graduate study. Some of these are as follows:

Elizabeth Greenshields

Puffin Foundation

Jacob Javits

Harriet Hale Woolley

Jack Kent Cooke

Maine Arts Commission Opportunities Page

NYFA: Miscellaneous Opportunities

Fulbright Scholarships

Maine Education Association