Student Snap Shot: Stanley Levitsky

Stanley Levitsky is an Intermedia student whose body of work has grown substantially over the past two years. His work often delves into different mediums, creating an eclectic but stylized oeuvre.  With a background in graphic design, Levitsky has worked  as sculptor, photographer, and videographer. But his more recent work has lead him into the territory [...]

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Featured Student: Sarah Hollows

Sarah Hollows is a second year Intermedia MFA student. Her body of work while in the program is not only extensive, but also powerful and dynamic. A poet, performer, and avid mask maker, Sarah brings an eclectic and valuable set of skills to the Intermedia community. She is also one of the artists, along with [...]

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Student Snap Shot: Chris Bryant

Chris Bryant, a second year Intermedia MFA student, embarks on a new game design for the Spring semester. Previously, Chis designed a game that examined the war on terror through the use of simple game mechanics. In that prior game, he utilized Pong as his structure and coded in a series of images and statistics [...]

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Student Spotlight: Chris Bryant

Chris Bryant, a second year Intermedia MFA student, has focused much of his work on the intersection between art and video games. His research has led him on a path towards distinguishing the difference between video games as entertainment and video games as a mechanism for creating a commentary on political and social issues. With [...]

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Hide and Seek Coffee Shop Opens

Both new and frequent visitors to the IMRC will soon discover a refreshing surprise in the building’s lobby, a new coffee shop. Created and developed by three Intermedia MFA students, the new shop, Hide and Seek Coffee, will serve coffee, teas, and an assortment of baked goods. Rachel Nelson, Sarah Hollows, and Kris Mason are [...]

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