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The University of Maine Intermedia MFA program is pleased to announce the distinguished art critic and philosopher, Laurence Le Bouhellec, of their annual Dick Higgins Memorial Lecture.  Le Bouhellec will present two public lectures one on Tuesday October 25th at 6:30pm in Lord Hall 100 called “Process of Artistic Subjectification and production” and the second “From the unconscious of artistic production, power, subject and art” on Wednesday October 26th at 6:30pm in the Stodder Hall 48 in the University of Maine campus in Orono.

French art critic and philosopher, Laurence Le Bouhellec is the director of the department of Philosophy and also the coordinator of the department of Art History at the Universidad de Las Americas, Puebla, Mexico.  For more than 20 years Le Bouhellec has used an innovative approach to teaching French and German philosophy by combining philosophy and art as a way to reconsider cultural and social problems.  Le Bouhellec is a well-known writer and has translated philosophical texts into Spanish.  She is also a highly regarded public speaker and has recently been invited to speak at some of Mexico’s most prestigious Universities.

This event is sponsored by the Intermedia MFA Program’s Annual Dick Higgins Memorial Lecture and the University of Maine Cultural Affairs / Distinguished Lecture Series.  Dick Higgins coined the term Intermedia and was the founder of Something Else Press, one of the leading avant garde presses of the 1960’s and was one the founding members of the international art group Fluxus.

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