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Seth Hunter Lecture, February 21, 2012


Seth Hunter Workshops, February 22, 2012


Press Release (Feb 13, 2012)

The University of Maine Intermedia MFA program is pleased to announce the first lecturer of their 2012 spring Visiting Artist series, Seth Hunter. The new media artist and MIT researcher will present a public lecture titled Unexpected Token on Tuesday February 21st at 7:00pm in Lord Hall on the University of Maine campus in Orono.

In his talk “Unexpected Token,” Seth Hunter will present work from eight years and illustrate how his intentions have evolved as he makes and presents work at the intersection of art, industry and academic research. The talk will be of interest to a broad audience interested in the tension between the technological and the creative/artist approach and unexpected domains where they compliment each other.

Seth Hunter is a third-year PhD candidate at the MIT Media Lab. His research explores how to design media interfaces that are more socially and physically engaging. He is currently working on mixed reality applications that facilitate creative expression and social interactions. Hunter has a BA in cognitive science and digital art from the University of Virginia, and an MFA in art and technology from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He has been employed as a toy designer, multimedia developer, instructional technologist, media artist, and teacher.

This event is sponsored by the Intermedia MFA Program, the Department of New Media and the University of Maine Cultural Affairs / Distinguished Lecture Series.

Flyer for Artist Talk

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