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The Intermedia MFA Tuesdays at the IMRC Lecture Series continues to provide the UMaine, Orono and Bangor community with a diverse schedule of compelling speakers, and performances by contemporary and interdisciplinary artists and performers from around the country and world.

All events are free, open to the public and will take place at the Innovative Media Research Commercialization Center, located in Stewart Commons at the University of Maine at 7:00p.m.

Generously sponsored by a Cultural Affairs Distinguished Lecture Series Grant!

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VIC RAWLINGS • Visiting Artist

September 26

(Boston- amplifier/ prepared cello, speaker elements/ exposed circuitry) employs a still and unstable sound language that traverses from the visceral excess of the Laurence Cook Disaster Unit to the extreme austerity of undr quartet. He has designed and built 2 separate instruments to realize this aesthetic, including extensive and invasive cello preparations- some directly based on obscure baroque instrumentation. The amplified cello is used as a resonant wooden microphone. He also continually develops an electronic instrument from the exposed circuit boards of sound processors, effectively producing an analog synthesizer with a highly unstable interface. This electronic instrument is realized by a flexible array of exposed speaker elements, chosen for their often unpredictable and idiosyncratic acoustic qualities. His solo performances deny conventional assumptions about the use of time and refuse alliance with dominant trends in improvised music.

More Info: http://www.vicrawlings.com/



CHARLIE MORROW • Visiting Artist

October 3

Charlie Morrow is a composer, sound artist, performer, and innovator whose goal over the past four decades has been to bring experimental sound and music to a wider audience. And, through avenues including concert performances and ad jingles, city-wide events and film soundtracks, museum sound installations and hospital sound environments, his work has in fact been experienced by a wider audience than most creative artists can claim.

More Info: http://www.cmorrow.com/




SHAUN LEONARDO • Visiting Artist

October 5

Shaun Leonardo uses his body to communicate and portray imagery, in this case, hyper-masculine images of physicality – at the expense of his own physical comfort. The function of the male body has long been a signifier of self-worth. The body affirms and legitimizes his feeling of control and agency over his environment. In this sense Shaun “El C.” Leonardo is performing two very distinct actions at once. On the one hand, he uses performance as a venue for discussion of how men have internalized culture’s preconceived notions of how men should act and appear. And on the other hand, his performances call attention to how these expectations are not only strange, but also not applicable to the rest of men at large.

More Info: http://elcleonardo.com/



LUCIANO CHESSA • Visiting Artist

October 17

As a composer, conductor, pianist, and musical saw / Vietnamese dan bau soloist, Luciano Chessa has been active in Europe, the U.S., Australia, and South America.

As a composer, conductor, pianist, and musical saw / Vietnamese dan bau soloist, Luciano Chessa has been active in Europe, the U.S., Australia, and South America. Compositions include a piano and percussion duet after Pier Paolo Pasolini’s “Petrolio”, written for Sarah Cahill and Chris Froh and presented in 2004 at the American Academy in Rome, “Il pedone dell’aria” for orchestra and double children choir, premiered in 2006 at the Auditorium of Turin’s Lingotto and subsequently released on DVD, and two works in collaboration with artist Terry Berlier: “Louganis” for piano and TV/VCR combo (performed at the Monday Evening Concerts in 2010) and “Inkless Imagination IV” for viola, mini-bass musical saw, turntables, piano, percussion, FM radios, blimp and video projection (premiered at UC Davis’ Mondavi Center by the Empyrean Ensemble).

More Info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luciano_Chessa



November 7

Jon Ippolito is an artist, writer, and curator who has made a career of pursuing endeavors for which he is drastically underqualified. Trained as an astrophysicist, he later turned to art (via dance, Wing Chun, and a number of other irrelevant disciplines).

Joline Blais’ publications and creative work explore the overlap of digital culture, indigenous culture and permaculture. This cross-cultural braid suggests tribal and networked alternatives to conventional socio-political and cultural structures, and co-creates models of deep sustainability.

More Info: http://three.org/ippolito/



SAM VAN AKEN • Visiting Artist

November 14

Sam Van Aken’s art combines sophisticated technology with traditional modes of art-making. His projects cross boundaries between artistic genres, including performance, installation, video, photography, and sculpture. With each body of work, he selects practices and new perspectives that provide a kinesthetic perception of objects and a visceral charge.

More Info: https://www.samvanaken.com/




BECKA ALBEE • Visiting Artist

December 5

Becca Albee was born in Portland, ME and lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. She received her MFA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and holds a BA from the Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA. Albee was a founding member of the punk rock riot grrrl band Excuse 17. She is has recently been included in solo and group exhibitions at The DUMP, Los Angeles; CAM Raleigh; 356 S. Mission Rd., Los Angeles; and C-o-o-l Art, Agoura Hills. Albee has also been featured in exhibitions at PiK, Cologne; Ortega y Gasset Projects, Queens; the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin; Contemporary Calgary, Alberta; Publication Studio, Hudson; Apexart, New York; and Momenta Art, Brooklyn, amongst others.

More Info: http://beccaalbee.com/