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MFA in Intermedia – 60 credits (minimum)

Three year program – 18 credits per year with 6 credits in summer of the third year for Thesis Exhibition preparation and presentation.

Given the nature of Intermedia as a non-disciplinary bound, research-based activity it is central that the program be simultaneously structured but flexible to allow for varieties of student choices and areas of study. The standard conceptual and structural elements of the program consist of the following areas or categories:

  • Basic creative approaches, history and theory
  • Ongoing individualized research and creative production
  • Praxis production and research studio work
  • Individualized technical and theoretical areas
  • Field experience/study abroad experience

Area One Basic creative approaches, history and theory; consists of two foundational classes, IMD 500 Creative Concept Development and IMD 501 Histories and Theories of Intermedia. These two classes will be required of all first year MFA students and will give them strong foundations in diverse approaches to creative and research work as well as historical and theoretical foundations in Intermedia.

Area Two Ongoing individualized research and creative production; will be facilitated through Intermedia Studio Critique classes (IMD 570, IMD 571 and IMD 572). These classes will consist of further exploration of history, theory, tools and technology as appropriate to each student’s research projects. Additionally students will gain practical experience in conceptualization of work, design implementation, physical production, and presentation of research/creative work. The development of textual, visual and digital analytical/critical tools related to research and creative production in Intermedia will also be stressed. These classes will be taken every semester with the exception of the second year, spring semester, or fall semester third year for study abroad.

Area Three Praxis production and research studio work; consist of three primary areas taken in three different classes (one taken each year). IMD 560 Research Studio I – Critical Research Methods for Arts Production , IMD 561 Research Studio II – Projects in Collaborative production, and IMD 562 Research Studio III – Professional Practices for Creative Producers.

Area Four Individualized, technical and theoretical areas; will give students the opportunity to personally select classes that will allow them to develop specific technical and production skills based in traditional disciplinary areas. Through the course of study in these classes students will have the opportunity to select four technical and/or theory based courses important to their specific areas of Intermedia in order to develop skills and knowledge specific to their individualized directions in Intermedia research and production. Many of these classes will be selected from existing areas of advanced and graduate study on campus, and could range from New Media, Art, Journalism and Communications, Theater, and English, to Engineering Technology, Computer Science, and Business.

Area Five Field experience/study abroad experience; is intended to broaden and deepen the interdisciplinary nature of the program. This component is aimed to offer flexible possibilities to the students allowing them to choose either continuing study at a collaborating institution or other institutions as arranged by the student, or to spend a semester doing in-depth study in an appropriate discipline outside the arts and related to their primary interdisciplinary pursuits. This could consist of history, research economics, computer science, business management, or engineering technology. For study abroad possibilities we currently have commitments or interest from Universities and Schools in Canada, the UK, France, Spain, Australia and Taiwan.