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MFA digital resources

In addition to our facilities and equipment the Intermedia Program runs several digital resources that provide information and materials to our students. These include:

histories and theories blogHistories and Theories of Intermedia Blog
This reseourse is a collection of over 600 primary and secondary writings on Intermedia and related art and cultural developments. Covering historical precursors such as Futurism, dada, Fluxus, Conceptual art as well as current developments in Sound art, instillation Sculpture, Video, Performance,  and New Media and other related forms. This site is updated and added to weekly to bring a variety of materials to our students and faculty covering theoritical and historical essays, artists writings and related materials.

Intermedia Digital Reading Room. 
This is a download resource for writing on art, aesthetics, social theory, activism, and other writings important for gain a broad and deep understanding of art and creative work and as part of a foundational knowledge of intermedial praxis. Contains over several hundred indexed books, articles and other pdfs of published materials. Due to issue with copyright this resource is only open to Intermedia MFA students.

Intermedia MFA on Facebook

The official Facebook group for UMaine’s Intermedia MFA program.

Intermedia MFA on Flickr

Photographs of events by or related to the Intermedia MFA program.

100 artists site100 Artists (who make intermedial art)
A site for all interested in the possibilities of art in the 21st century. It lists, references and gives contextual information on contemporary artists as well as artist working in the last 30 years who are part of the reconsideration of making and presenting creative activity (art). Updated weekly with new artists and creative producers.