Sarahlou Cottrell and Kate Dawson performing a duet of Paik’s Zen for Head


Events and Happenings for Intermedia

Events and Happenings for Intermedia

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Part of the Intermedia experience at UMaine is the availability of a rich variety of offerings for both professional development and personal or community activities. These include workshops, lectures, video and film presentations, visiting artists, performances and a variety of other activities that offer opportunities for professional and artistic interactions. We also have numerous social gatherings some casual like weekly gatherings for open discussions and interactions, and planned gatherings like our start of the year dinner, and our Spring BBQ. The Program also sponsors a late Fall exhibition and presentation of student work, like the 2011 Intermedia Open house exhibitions, open studios, presentations and performances, and our yearly Without Borders Festival

The 20 ALTERATIONS project by Nancy Murphy Spicer installed at the UMMA gallery in Bangor, Maine by IMFA students..


Our visiting Artist and Scholar program brings a wide group of creative practitioners to campus to give lectures, conduct workshops and to engage with the students and faculty. We usually sponsor 6-10 visiting artists per year and conduct a number of workshops on focused topics. Past visiting artists and scholars have included:

Paul D. Miller, AKA DJ Spooky
Performer and sound artist

The Collective BridA
Artist Group

Allison Knowles
Artist, Fluxus founder

Nina Katchadourina
Intermedia and installation artist

Geoffrey Hendricks
Performance artist, painter and educator

Kenneth Goldsmith
Writer, publisher and editor of

Dr. Simon Anderson
Art Historian and Critic, School of the Art Institute

Peter Rose

Artist Group

Alex Galloway
Writer and computer programer

Zach Poff
Electronic Musician and digital creator

Seth Hunter
Researcher and Media Artist

Mark Napier
New-media artist, pioneer

Randy Regier

Christiane Paul
Curator and writer

Dr. Laura Barreca
Digital media Curator and critic

Jill Miller
Video and performance artist

Jeremy Boyle
Sound and installation artist

Sarah Last
Curator and sound artist

John Klima
Digital Artist and Programmer

Craig Dietrich
Intermedia artist and programmer

Dr. James Leach
Anthropologist. Research Fellow, King’s College, University of Cambridge.

Vanessa Vobis
Intermedia and installation artist

Wendy Seltzer
Fellow with Princeton University’s Center for Information Technology Policy

Neeru Pahari
Former director of Creative Commons

Rachel Bee Porter
Photographer and installation artist

Otso Lahdeoja
Musician and sound artist

Dr. Kristine Stiles
Art Historian, Duke University

Don Foresta
Video artist pioneer, educator and curator

Buster Simpson
Intermedia artist and activist

Liz Nofziger
New media artist and editor of Aspect DVD

Dr. Laurence LeBouhellec
Philosopher and aesthetician 

Jae Rhim Lee
Intervention artist and Ted Talk Fellow

Ali Momeni
New media installation artist and educator 

Tristan Perich
New media and sound artist 

Joanna Malinowska
Sculptor and video artist