University Grants and Fellowships 2017-12-01T22:55:52+00:00

The following grants and fellowships are available for University of Maine graduate students to apply for.

The (GSG) Graduate Student Government Individual Grant
The GSG Individual Grant is available twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring.  Graduate students in good standing may apply for up to $850 per semester.  The link here provides application information as well a information on successful grant writing.

The (GSG) Graduate Student Government GradExpo
The GSG Grad Expo is not a grant program, however it does offer more than $10,000 in awards and prizes.  This event is held each spring and showcases graduate research through poster, oral, and art presentations.  Students are encouraged to apply to participate and to compete for the awards and prizes.  Details can be found at the attached link.

The Intermedia MFA Grant

The Intermedia MFA department proudly supports student projects through a competitive grant cycle held each semester.  Students may apply for up to $500 for project based works.  For those who have never written a grant before this is a good introduction into the process of grant writing for two reasons.  First, you are competing in a small pool of applicants.  Secondly, the department has many students familiar with this particular grant and you are encouraged to learn from them first hand.

The Intermedia Student Organization (ISO)

The Chase Distinguished Research Assistantship