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Intermedia MFA Research and Project Grant

The Director and Chair of the Intermedia MFA Program will announce this grant at the start of each semester.

Description and objectives: The Intermedia MFA Research and Project Grant is intended to help fund research, travel and creative endeavors relevant to professional and creative development for all students within the University of Maine MFA program.

Review Criteria:

Applications will be prioritized by:

            •            The impact of the funds on the student’s creative development

            •            The significance of the proposed project

            •            The possibility for professional presentation outside of the University

            •            The number of requests received

            •            Available funding

Award Amount: Each student can submit requests for a total of $500 dollars per funding period. Most awards range from $100 – $300. Collaborative groups can submit joint requests but the total can still not be more than $500 for any one proposal.

Award Period: One award per year maximum.  Award may be used for any projects between September 1, and August 30.

Eligibility: All MFA students currently enrolled in the Intermedia MFA program may apply for funding. In most cases, funds requested for class assignments will not be awarded.

Funding Requests can be made in relation to:

  • Degree related travel expenses
  • Exhibition expenses
  • Materials and related expenses
  • Tools and equipment

Materials Required:

1. Completed Application form/cover sheet.

2. A description of intent.  Not to exceed two pages, double-spaced in 12-point,

Times New Roman font. Should include a brief description of the intended use of

funds and a description of the importance of the project/travel/materials in relation

to professional and personal creative development.

3. Budget. Not to exceed one page, should include an itemized list of estimated or

incurred expenses and total amount requested. If listing previously incurred

expenses for reimbursement, receipts should be submitted at the end of the

materials package.

4. Budget explanation. Not to exceed one page.