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Things I think about:

Social gestures as biological expressions.

—> Consider the focus on Justin Beiber’s alleged residential speeding: a product of millions of complex biological systems recursively interacting through techno-social conduits. Does that parallel the nuanced interactions of rain forest-floor ecology?

How do cultural currencies and their modes of transmission/reproduction, as traceable units, operate within cultures and between cultures?

—> Why are seasons of ‘Friends’ being aired in 2013 in nearly every cafe and restaurant in Laos?

What commonalities can be found between hosts by using data collection and comparative analysis?

—> Are there particular types of environmental/economic/political influences that can be identified through data-mining that may lead a person to repost a particular video, or react in a certain way to a Mylie Cyrus performance?

How do the artifacts of transmissions within the social-feedback systems effect the lifespan of the seed unit?

—> Do the spin offs of Rebecca Black’s “Friday” add duration to her work or can they be powerful enough to be the seeds or ‘original’ ideas?